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Theatre programmes and brochures going back to the late 19th century and right up to the present day. I have tried to be as honest as I can in the descriptions, and if you click on the title of the show, you will be given a large copy of the image from the front of the programme.

I have to point out that, due to the nature of the purchases, I cannot offer a return option after you have bought the item but I will be MORE than happy to answer any question you may have before purchase and you can do that by clicking this email link.


The programmes, etc are all listed in alphabetical order and there is a search facility on the site if you are looking for something specific, some of the pages have many entries and you could possibly go as boggled-eyed as I have in listing them. I have also tried to make it simple to find say Brochures by placing an icon next to each entry. Also, when looking for a particuar person in the title of a show they are listed under their first name (e.g. if looking for Liza Minnelli in Concert, it would be under L not M)

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drama This means it is a drama, comedy, etc
dance Dance - not just ballet but anything covering dance
music Music: musicals, opera, anything that is predominately music
variety Variety shows, such as 'end-of-pier'
A theatre Flyer NOT a programme
brochure Brochures for all the above categories

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I'll just add again: I am unable to accept returns once purchased so PLEASE if you have any doubts about a purchase, I will be MORE than happy to give you any further details before you spend your money. Also if you are trying to buy but the page gives you any problems, PLEASE let me know and I can help.

Lastly: If anyone wants to purchase the entire collection - make me a sensible offer!!


NB: I am unable to purchase any new programmes to sell on this site

Sometimes people kindly donate programmes to me, in that case I give all proceeds of the sale to a charity of their choice. These programme entries are marked letting you know they are charity programmes. Should you wish to donate further to the charity then please let me know and you can donate via Paypal

HOWEVER: I am now unable to receive any further programmes to sell for charity as the response to the above has been overwhelming. It takes so much time to photocopy, list all details, etc that I now have no time for anything else.

Once I catch up with the current influx I will be in a position to accept again.



Postage and Packaging
UK 1 item £2.00
  2 - 4 items £3.50
  5 - 10 items £6.00
  11 - 15 items £9.50
  16 - 20 items £14.50
  21 or more items FREE
International 1 item £6.50
  2 - 8 items £10.00
  9 or more items £16.00